VT RM Global Real Opportunities (RMGRO)

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Fund Manager

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James Satterthwaite
Fund Distribution

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Open Ended Investment Fund UCITS

Introduction and overview

Diversified liquid portfolio of globally listed securities offering investors exposure to real asset investments with growth potential. Thematic investments across digital infrastructure, social impact real estate & sustainability.

Investment Objective & Policy: 

The investment objective of the Fund is to provide income and capital growth over the medium to longer term (3- 5 years).

The Fund seeks to meet its objectives by investing primarily (70%+) in listed equities, whose primary activity or exposure is within core thematic areas including but not limited to ageing populations, urbanisation, digital commerce, infrastructure, decarbonisation, disruptive real estate and consumer staples. Investments will include listed companies, REITs and Investment Trusts. The Investment Manager believes real opportunities represent the best ideas derived from key investment themes. The investment focus is on an investment universe which benefits from structural or social-demographic tailwinds (such as ageing populations, the decarbonisation of energy generation and rapid growth of digital services).

Target holdings will often; (i) operate in areas in which there are material structural tail winds; (ii) have robust balance sheets including plant, property and equipment; (iii), have contracted cash flows; and/or (iv) be managed by excellent executive teams, and so, in the Investment Manager’s opinion present real opportunities for the Fund.

Fund Summary
Fund NameVT RM Global Real Opportunities Fund
Investment AdvisorRM Capital Markets Ltd
Fund ManagerValu-Trac Investment Management Ltd
IA SectorSpecialist
Share ClassesGBP
Ex Dividend Dates30th April (final), 31st July (interim), 31st October (Interim), 31st January (interim)
Expected Dividend Payment Dates30th June, 30th September, 31st December, 31st March
Institutional Class
Minimum Investment£1,000.00 + £1 top-ups
Annual Mgt Charge0.65%
Total Capped OCF0.75%
Distribution Yield 3-4% p.a. Target
ISIN AccumulationGB00BMCM2675
ISIN IncomeGB00BMCM2782
Retail Class
Minimum Investment£1.00 + £1 top-ups
Annual Mgt Charge0.75%
Total Capped OCF0.85%
Distribution Yield3-4% p.a. Target
ISIN AccumulationGB00BMCLZZ41
ISIN IncomeGB00BMCM0075


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James Satterthwaite
Head of Distribution

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James Satterthwaite

James has been working at RM since 2010, and heads up the firms distribution function. Having significant experience in the fixed income and credit space, James is ideally suited to understand the needs of the income investor.

Previous to this James worked at Barclays Capital, serving institutional fixed income investors with access to primary and secondary market investment opportunities.

David Watts
Fund Distribution

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David Watts

David is responsible for introducing the RM Funds products to institutional investors with a focus on the IFA network. Previous to this, David has had extensive experience in working with the origination team to source high quality opportunities requiring debt funding so has a keen understanding of the debt investments within RM Secured. He has 4 years of Corporate Tax Experience with HMRC and 2 years of relationship management, currency and debt product experience with RM Capital. David holds a degree with honours in English Literature and Journalism.