Positive Impact

Within our private markets business, RM Funds, as a private lender with individual borrower relationships, is well positioned to provide capital that will achieve a positive impact on people and the planet. In partnership with The Good Economy, RM have developed an impact framework that scores transactions according to the ESG and Impact outcomes.

The scoring framework is designed to assess the core borrower ESG performance in conjunction with the impact outcomes of the capital invested. The approach has been deliberately aligned with recognised impact standards, and incorporates a score that is the sum of identifiable Environmental & Social outcomes, combined with factors that recognise our capital contribution and borrower intentionality towards the desired outcomes. External rigour is provided by The Good Economy, who act as the impact assurance and reporting partner for our investors.

This framework gives investors line of sight over the direct impact of their capital on people and the planet.

Our Positive Impact Score methodology is outlined below: