SVS RM Infrastructure Bond Fund (RMIBF)

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Head of Distribution
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Chief Investment Officer
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Fund Summary


Open Ended Investment Fund UCITS

Introduction and overview

The Infrastructure Bond Fund is a diversified portfolio of bonds offering investors exposure to the infrastructure asset class split across regulated infrastructure, social infrastructure and economic infrastructure. 

Investment objective
The investment objective of the Sub-fund is to provide income greater than Sterling Overnight Index Average (SONIA) whilst preserving capital over the medium to longer term (3 – 5 years).

Investment policy
In normal market conditions, the Sub-fund seeks to meet its objectives by investing at least 80% directly into fixed income securities. These may include investment grade and sub-investment grade bonds issued by companies operating in the infrastructure sector, for example, economic infrastructure, social infrastructure and energy, waste and water
infrastructure companies. Investment grade bonds are considered by the investment manager to be those rated by independent ratings agencies such as S&P as BBB- or higher (or their equivalent), while sub-investment grade bonds are those with a rating of BB+ or lower (or their equivalent). For bonds which are not rated by an independent ratings agency the investment manager will apply a comparable quality rating to determine whether a corporate bond should be classified as investment grade or sub-investment grade.

To the extent that the Sub-fund is not fully invested in fixed income securities, the Sub-fund may also invest in other transferable securities (which may include government bonds, convertible bonds and shares), money market instruments, deposits, cash or near cash. In addition, the Sub-fund may invest in investment trusts and ETFs in order to gain indirect exposure to corporate bonds, government bonds, credit or lending. Non-sterling exposure will normally be hedged back to Sterling. The Sub-fund has no particular emphasis on any geographical area.

Derivatives may be used for hedging, Efficient Portfolio Management and investment purposes. This may include, but is not limited to, interest rate and credit derivatives. The use of derivatives in the portfolio may be significant.

Normally, the Sub-fund will be fully invested save for an amount to enable redemption of shares, efficient management of the Sub-Fund in relation to the investment objective and other purposes which may be reasonably regarded as ancillary to the investment objective
of the Sub-Fund. This amount will vary depending upon prevailing circumstances and although it would normally not exceed 10% of the total value of the Sub-fund, there may be times when the Investment Manager considers bond markets to be overpriced or that a period of instability exists which presents unusual risks. In such cases or during such periods, a higher level of liquidity may be maintained and, if considered prudent, the amount of shares, cash or near cash instruments held would be increased. Unless market conditions were deemed unusually risky, the increased amount and period would not be expected to exceed 30% and six months respectively.

Fund summary
Fund nameSVS RM Infrastructure Bond Fund
Investment AdvisorRM Capital Markets Ltd
Fund managerEvelyn Partners Fund Solutions Limited
IA SectorSterling Strategic Bond
Share ClassesGBP/USD/EUR
Ex dividend dates31 July (final) 31 Oct (interim) 31 Jan (interim) 30 April (interim)
Expected dividend payment dates30 Sept (final) 31 Dec (interim) 31 March (interim) 30 June (interim)
Institutional Class
Minimum Investment10,000
Annual mgmnt charge0.55%
Capped total fees0.60%
Yield Greater than Sonia target
ISIN AccumulationGB00BR104F01
ISIN IncomeGB00BR104G18
Sedol Income BR104G1
Sedol AccumulationBR104F0
F Class
Minimum Investment5,000,000
Annual mgmt charge0.45%
Capped total fees0.50%
Yieldgreater than Sonia target
ISIN AccumulationGB00BR103F36
ISIN IncomeGB00BR104D86
Sedol Income BR104D8
Sedol AccumulationBR103F3

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James Satterthwaite
Head of Distribution

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James Satterthwaite

James has been working at RM since 2010, and heads up the firms distribution function. Having significant experience in the fixed income and credit space, James is ideally suited to understand the needs of the income investor.

Previous to this James worked at Barclays Capital, serving institutional fixed income investors with access to primary and secondary market investment opportunities.

David Watts
Fund Distribution

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David Watts

David is responsible for introducing the RM Funds products to institutional investors with a focus on the IFA network. Previous to this, David has had extensive experience in working with the origination team to source high quality opportunities requiring debt funding so has a keen understanding of the debt investments within RM Secured. He has 4 years of Corporate Tax Experience with HMRC and 2 years of relationship management, currency and debt product experience with RM Capital. David holds a degree with honours in English Literature and Journalism.