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Chief Investment Officer

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London Stock Exchange

IPO Date
15th December 2016

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Introduction and overview

RMII has a thematic approach, investing across social impact real estate and sustainability. Investments focus on accommodation, healthcare and education combined with environmental services such as energy efficiency, clean energy and waste management.


Investment Objective
The Company aims to conduct an orderly realisation of the assets of the Company, to be effected in a manner that seeks to achieve a balance between returning cash to Shareholders promptly and maximising value.


Investment Policy
The assets of the Company will be realised in an orderly manner, returning cash to Shareholders at such times and in such manner as the Board may, in its absolute discretion, determine. The Board will endeavour to realise all of the Company’s investments in a manner that achieves a balance between maximising the net value received from those investments and making timely returns to Shareholders.


The Company may not make any new investments save for:


  1. Further secured debt instruments of UK SMEs and mid-market corporates and/or individuals including any loan, promissory note, lease, bond, or preference share (“Loans”), such debt instruments being to an existing borrower which is expected to preserve the value of an existing Loan, or


  1. Extending the maturity or repayment date or any interest payment date if that is in the best interests of the Company.


The Company will continue to comply with all the investment restrictions imposed by the Listing Rules in order to maintain the Company’s admission to the Official List under Chapter 15 of the Listing Rules.


In the event of a breach of the investment guidelines and restrictions set out above, the Investment Manager shall inform the Board upon becoming aware of the same and if the Board considers the breach to be material, notification will be made to a Regulatory Information Service and the Investment Manager will look to resolve the breach with the agreement of the Board.


The Company intends to conduct its affairs so as to qualify as an investment trust for the purposes of section 1158 of the CTA 2010, and its investment activities will therefore be subject to the restrictions set out above.


Borrowing and gearing
The Company may utilise borrowings for short-short term liquidity purposes. The Company may also, from time to time, use borrowing for investment purposes on a short term basis where it expects to repay those borrowings from realisation of investments. Gearing represented by borrowings will not exceed 20% per cent. of Net Asset Value calculated at the time of drawdown.


Hedging and derivatives
The Company may invest in derivatives for efficient portfolio management purposes. In particular the Company can engage in interest rate hedging.


In accordance with the requirements of the FCA, any material change to the Company’s investment policy will require the approval of Shareholders by way of an ordinary resolution at a general meeting.


James Satterthwaite
Head of Distribution

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James Satterthwaite

James has been working at RM since 2010, and heads up the firms distribution function. Having significant experience in the fixed income and credit space, James is ideally suited to understand the needs of the income investor.

Previous to this James worked at Barclays Capital, serving institutional fixed income investors with access to primary and secondary market investment opportunities.

David Watts
Fund Distribution

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David Watts

David is responsible for introducing the RM Funds products to institutional investors with a focus on the IFA network. Previous to this, David has had extensive experience in working with the origination team to source high quality opportunities requiring debt funding so has a keen understanding of the debt investments within RM Secured. He has 4 years of Corporate Tax Experience with HMRC and 2 years of relationship management, currency and debt product experience with RM Capital. David holds a degree with honours in English Literature and Journalism.